Best time to book a Yacht Charter vacation

When is the best time to book a crewed charter motor yacht in Greece?
It is not so difficult to know when it is better to book your vacation, since you are aware of the type of yacht you need, the dates you have selected and the destination that you are looking to cruise during your summer holidays.
For high season periods you should definitely book at least 10 to 12 months in advance. For lower season periods, you can get a little closer in time but we would suggest 6 to 9 months at least earlier.
It depends also if you enjoy organizing in advance or if you are flexible planning your yacht holidays.
Let’s take a look at the characteristics of the different types of offers and choose which one suits you more!
When to book a yacht at a very good price? Early Booking or Last Minute?
•Choose Early Booking and take advantage of the Discounted Offers that the owners give!
Bookings made in advance with early booking discounted offers secure a better tenancy to the charter company and better rental conditions to the charterer.
You can only cruise on a specific date, especially if you depend on the work or school holidays.
You have decided the model of boat (crewed motor yacht or luxury superyacht) and/or destination for your next charter holidays in Greece.
Airline ticket prices usually increase in the last one month before flying, so if you are planning in advance you could save a lot of money, if you book a flight before this deadline. The best flight deals can be done from 6 to 12 month earlier.
We believe that if you decide to book early enough you will have more opportunity to fulfilling all the expectations that you have of the yachting holidays.
Early booking Discount is the highest almost up to 15% and it usually last till the end of December. Early booking discount is very often prolonged till the end of February, so don’t miss the opportunity to book your Yachting holidays with Ionian Ray!
•Choose Last Minute Booking if …

  • You are flexible on dates and destination.
  • You want to book a brief cruise within the peak season (only available in eleventh hour requests from most of the destinations).
  • You wish to book a short cruise in the high period (only available in last minute enquiries).

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Look forward to a perfect Summer Holiday

Renting a crewed luxury motor yacht for your summer holidays in Greece is for sure one of the best choices you would ever had.
Trust our professionalism and let us organize your summer yachting holidays in Greece, since you book your ideal charter yacht!