Cyclades Islands

7 Days

1st Day

Embarkation in Alimos marina of Athens
Departure from Athens
Arrival in Andros island in the afternoon for night stay

2nd Day

Departure from Andros island
Arrival in Tinos island for night stay

3rd Day

Departure from Tinos island
Arrival in Mykonos island for night stay

4th Day

Departure from Mykonos
Arrival in Paros Island for night stay

5th Day

Departure from Paros
Arrival in Syros for night stay

6th Day

Departure from Syros
Arrival in Kythnos or Kea Island for night stay

7th Day

Departure Kythnos or Kea
Arrival in Athens

8th Day

Disembarkation in Alimos marina of Athens