Essentials to pack for a motor yacht holiday

Essentials to pack for a motor yacht holiday!

When  you are packing for your  yacht vacation, bear in mind that a private  luxury yacht charter is totally different from a holiday at summer resorts or a sailing vacation.
This means that  you need to change your ordinary packing routine.  One very important information for you is that yacht have limited space for your luggage, which means that you should be very selective while packing.
So, find below some suggestions and tips before packing your essentials:


First of all,  it is very significant to keep in mind that usually there is restricted storage space on motor yachts. Consequently, make sure to be equipped with soft elastic baggage, which will be easily stored.
Due to the lack of space, hard cases are not easy to be stored and can even destroy the surfaces and the woodwork of a interior of a yacht.


Summer clothes, such as (most importantly) swimsuits,  t-shirts, shorts and dresses should be your first choices to pick to wear on board a luxury motor yacht. As you are about to travel to Greece, don’t worry much of the weather conditions. Usually from early of June to end of September, the temperature reached 37-38C. If you are sun-sensitive, be sure to take with you clothes which will protect your skin, by covering it. However, ob board our luxury yachts you will always find a big variety of sun crèmes with high, med or low UVA protector, depending your skin type. Let’s not forget the following:
As you will reach everyday different islands, consider packing some more formal clothes, if you intend to have lunch or mostly dinner  at  restaurants.


Most luxury charter yachts will request their guests to observe the “No shoes on Board” regulation while entering the yacht. A good option is to be equipped with a pair of white rubber soled shoes, while staying on a luxury motor yacht, which are allowed to use.
However, at our yachts we usually offer good quality disposable slippers, which are perfect for protecting your feet !


Sunglasses (we would suggest two pair of sunglasses), hats and flip flops are totally essentials when you are on vacation with a motor yacht.

If you are a book lover, or a music fan, don’t forget to bring your favorite books or music with you! Don’t forget your drone (if you have one, or your photo camera) to capture your moments during your summer holidays in Greece!


Amenities are of huge necessity while travelling, but as we all know, due to the airline regulations for security reasons, there are international rules that state which items are allowed and which are not allowed to be transported by air.
In addition, there are items that can only be carried in baggage, which you cannot take with you on board as hand luggage. Liquids in hand luggage cannot exceed 100ml each.
For this reason, we provide our guests useful amenities, such as shower gel, shampoos, body lotions, dental & vanity kits, women’s hygiene kits etc.
No need to bring or buy anything!


  • Take with you clothes that you will wear. Don’t forget to have with you a light jacket, just in case!
  • Leave space for gifts & souvenirs !
  • It is not unusual for the wind to claim your hat or sunglasses, bring more than one.
    Remember to take..
  • A waterproof case for your phone or camera.
  • Travel documents, such as passport/ID or Visa
  • Medication (if necessary)
  • Phone/I-pod chargers or batteries


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