7 Day Cruise to the most popular Greek islands in Saronic Gulf

Explore exotic coastlines and ports, enjoy spectacular scenery, swim in crystal clear waters.Walk through the narrow streets of Hydra old town and enjoy the glamorous atmosphere of Greece’smost famous cosmopolitan island and favorite vacation spot for worldwide celebrities.For those into nightlife, dance and enjoy the latest music hits in the world famous clubs and atmosphericbars in Spetes, Porto Cheli and Hydra.Visit the ancient Theatre of Epidauros and take a romantic trip around the Sepses or Aegina island inhorse-drawn carriages. Enjoy the natural beauty, the historical treasures, the unique architecture andthe romantic atmosphere.Taste traditional Greek cuisine in seaside taverns or enjoy a light lunch with a chilled bottle of local wineor ouzo and fresh fruits on board the yacht after a relaxing swimming while at anchor.Discover the unique sea color, the unrepresented natural landscape, the sun and light, the bays, thehistory and cultural attractions by cruising 180 nautical miles over 10 cruising hours in the Saronic gulfand take home the most unforgettable memories.


1st DAY
The motor yacht’s itinerary begins with a check-in at the Alimos Marina at 10:00 am on the first day, followed by a departure to the beautiful island of Aegina.


2nd DAY
The next day, the yacht sails to Agistri and then to Epidauros, where guests can explore the ancient theater and archaeological sites.


3rd DAY
On day three, the yacht heads to Poros for refueling and shopping before continuing on to Chinitsa bay and Porto Cheli.


4th DAY
Day four is spent cruising from Porto Cheli to Zogeria bay and finally to Spetses, a picturesque island known for its rich history and cosmopolitan atmosphere.

6th DAY
On the sixth day, the yacht sails to Dokos, a remote island with beautiful beaches and crystal-clear waters, before continuing on to Hydra, an island that boasts stunning architecture and a rich cultural heritage.


7th DAY
On the seventh and final day, the yacht sails to Moni Island, a nature reserve with beautiful beaches and crystal-clear waters, before returning to the Alimos Marina. The itinerary offers a perfect blend of relaxation, sightseeing, and adventure, providing guests with an unforgettable experience of Greece’s beautiful coastline and islands. The check-out at the Alimos Marina takes place at 10:00 am on the final day, marking the end of a memorable journey.


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